Wolf’s Hunger as an idea existed since 2001. Our goal was to create a project which would vary from the whole extreme metal scene, to create a form of patriotic black metal with lyrics about Serbian mythology and history.lineup1

In the year of 2002 a decision was made by the members of the band which were Dusan, Caslav and Veljko: to find a drummer and start to create a different, more thrashy music. That drummer was Djus, but something was still missing – the second guitar. Position of second guitarist was filled when Dovla joined, and shortly after Dusan left the band.

In august 2003. the first material was recorded, titled “Thunders Of Perun Are Back”. Despite the very raw sound that it possessed, it got very positive reactions and reviews, even though the band itself was not very satisfied with it. There were a few gigs with domestic bands such as Interfector, All My Sins, Defilement, Posmrtna Liturgija etc.

2In the year of 2004. Djus decided to leave the band, but after a few months Wolf’s Hunger found a new drummer Vladimir. In august 2005 new material has been recorded, “My Land in Flames” (Zemlja Moja U Plamenu Je). Grom records released the material as a split album with Posmrtna Liturgija in February 2006. What comes next is appearance on United Slavic Swords festival in Belgrade alongside with Inferno, The Stone, Posmrtna Liturgija, Zaklan and Svartgren. In April 2006 long-time member, drummer Vladimir was forced to leave the band for personal reasons, completely understood by the rest of the band. His position was filled by Milos. In July 2006. band had a very successful performance at Exit Festival, Metal Hammer stage opening the last day in front of several hundreds of eager fans! This success made even bigger the fact that there was a real campaign from some far-left groups to ban Wolf’s Hunger appearance at the festival. Since accusations had nothing to do with facts, band held a great gig, even more motivated, due to past false accusations. To end up a year of 2006. in December, bend plays at United Slavic Swords II with Inferno, Adultery, The Stone, Zaklan, Maras and Besatt.

Wolf’s Hunger entered Positive Studios in Novi Sad in August 2006 to record debut album ‘Osveta u Krvi’ (Retaliation in Blood). The album was released on February 1st 2007. by Grom Records. In May 2007. band played as support act on Vital Remains gig in Belgrade. In September of 2007. band splits up, making a two years break.

After those two years, Caslav and Milos decided continue with the band, with permission and agreement with Dovla and Veljk. New guitarists were Rasto(Schwargla, Obscured, Concrete Sun) and Milan(Ground Zero). Band performs a comeback gig at United Slavic Swords III in December 2009 with Infernal War, Kozeljnik and Bleeding Fist. After five years of not appearing in their hometown, in May 2010. band plays with The Stone and Concrete Sun at club Route 66. After that they support Russian pagan/folk band, Arkona in June of 2010, Belgrade.

In next couple of years band played occasionally and had couple of line-up changes. Guitarists Rastko and Milan left the band and former member, Dovla, decided to return to the Wolf’s Hunger in 2012. In 2013. position of second guitarist was filled by Igor. Drummer Milos Stanic decided to leave the band in 2015.due to a personal reasons. Band entered in the studio Piknik in September 2015. to record second full length album. In 2016. drummer position was filled by Ivan(Ognjena Kocija). The same year band released second full length album “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi”,inspired by World War I, Serbian history and Slavic heritage. Album was released via Symbol of Domination(Belarus).

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Ivan (drums), Caslav (vocals/bass), Dovla (guitar), Igor (vocals/guitar)